Doña Maria and Her Dreams

The magical world of the Venezuelan desert – panoramic shots of mysterious beauty, portraits and life-stories of women and men, whose lives are as frugal as the landscape, but also as pure as a glass of cool water. From their eyes and their narratives emerge dignity and wisdom.

The photographer Horst Friedrichs and the author Elisabetta Balasso have approached these people with enormous sympathy. They have learnt about miraculous stones, healing plants and ancient customs. They have seen how one fashions clay pots and constructs chairs. They have heard about agave-hearts and about goblins who live near the water. This illustrated book is crammed with magic realism which takes the reader along on an exceptional journey. Read more on the Doña Maria website

The photographs by H.A. Friedrichs I have seen are breathtakingly beautiful! They are both moving and pure. They make you pause, linger a moment and look really hard. Well done! (Donata Wenders, 2006)

Title: Dona Maria und Ihre Träume
By: Horst Friedrichs & Elisabetta Balasso
Published: 2006, Frederking & Thaler
Language: German
Hardcover:192 pages, approx. 120 colour and b/w photos
Format: 24,0 x 34,0 cm
ISBN: 3894056738
RRP: €75,00

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